SUN-D’s look like LED screens, but they’re anything but that.
They’re powered by daylight or distinct light sources.
They interact with their immediate environment.
It’s an aesthetic fusion of information and lighting design.


Whenever the backside of the screen is illuminated the frontside starts to shine. It doesn’t matter what light source you use: SUN-Ds can be eco-friendly powered through the utilization of sunlight, ambient light or even candles or you can operate them as a visual alternative to large-scale LED screens by pointing projectors or spotlights at them.



We differentiate the usage of our products between two distinct light categories:

Natural Light

There is a long research history of making electronic screens sunlight-resistant. But instead of fueling them with ever more power to brighten screens up, we have a radical new approach: SUN-Ds don’t compete with the sun for luminance, they use it as a source to directly reflect it as a light spot on a matrix. There is no electricity involved in this process. The result is a unique, vivid and natural light medium, which intentionally reflects and incorporates the natural variations of light situations.

Artificial Light

Artificial and targeted light allows distinctive light effects and colour accentuation of your space or venue. Animate the screen through moving lights or projectors. There are no limits what you illuminate the screen with!



We design and produce an exclusive, flexible and naturally adapting lighting system beyond comparison. The backbone of all our products is the same basic principle of redirecting light. SUN-Displays find their use as high standard, aesthetic eye catchers in foyers and entrance halls as well as part of exhibitions and events providing high flexibility for utilisation and a unique fusion of information and light.

Our screens capture ambient light or the luminosity of direct sunlight, which they emit it in controlled way to display information, logos and graphics. That’s why our displays have a inimitable and vivid appearance and interact naturally with their immediate environment. The use with artificial light sources on the other hand offers a high range of possibilities to design a specific light ambience.

From CFL light bulbs, LED’s to candle or torch light, the illumination of our SUN-Displays allow free play with your creativity. Our display’s distinctive presence adds to the uniqueness of your event, office or building and underlines the innovative, future-oriented as well as environmental values of your brand. SUN-D supports your messages through a novel and never-seen-before medium.


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